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tæt på San Roque, Andalucía (España)

This trail could be devided into two parts. We walked with two kids: 3.5 and 1.5 year old. The first one was about 2 km and was done without a stroller. Than we got back to the car took a strollerand made another 5 km circle.

Walking with such small kids also included carrying them piggyback.

The first part:
We walked along the river. After reaching the bridge we the path turned left so we took it, later to walk a bit up hill next to some barking dogs to eventually change our minds and go back to take a trolley.

The second part:
After having a second breakfast we walked / drive up hill using a road for cars. We continue that for more or less 3 km.
There are some places prepared there to spend time with the friends or family and have some sausages prepared on the open fire.
There are also some simple open air exercises tools along the road.
The remaining two kilometres the road changes into footpath, but it is still feasible to do it with a stroller, however no longer easy. There are places with sandy road with roots uphill which are not fun for the trolley, but nothing that force you go back either.




Starting point if you wish to go along the river


How the road looks like there


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