We provide guided walks around Serra de Sintra or Serra da Arrábida Natural Park for individuals or small groups who are either visiting the area or locals who'd like to go off the beaten track.

Sintra Treks is a non-profit group that promotes the beauty of the national parks near Lisbon and supports a foundation for abandoned dogs (NAAAS) that are found in the area.Each walker is asked to make a donation for this fantastic cause.

Medlem siden januar 2016

  • Loura

    14,68 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Palmela, Setúbal (Portugal)

  • Ribeira Magoito

    5,85 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Magoito, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Alvorge Trail

    7,91 kilometer / km - Let

    tæt på Alvorge, Leiria (Portugal)

  • Malveira to Praia Grota cliffs

    6,23 kilometer / km - Svær

    tæt på Arneiro, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Praia do Giribeto

    1,6 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Magoito, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Biscia cliffs

    2,77 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Biscaia, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Ribeira magoito

    5,85 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Magoito, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Vale de trave

    9,01 kilometer / km - Let

    tæt på Vale de Trave, Santarém (Portugal)

  • Fontelas to Praia da Magoito

    5,67 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Fontanelas, Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Seitas trail

    6,12 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Ponte do Almagre, Lisboa (Portugal)