Charles Merlin

Charles Merlin

Guide & Interpreter- Karolos was born in Austria 42 years ago, and has lived almost all his life in Greece. He has been walking in the Greek Mountains since he was a child. He has been
leading groups for the past 15 years and is a qualified guide. Among his interests are Greek fauna & flora, local traditions, language etymology and graphic art. He is fluent in English, Greek & German.

Medlem siden marts 2008

  • Pendeli old and new

    9,71 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Néa Pentéli, Attica (Greece)

    Foto af Stone bridge
    Foto af Lime kiln
    Foto af Bridge
  • Vormittag

    1,78 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Thisseío, Attica (Greece)

    Foto af Mnimeio
    Foto af Mnimeio
    Foto af Pare porta
  • Nachmittag

    0,41 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Akrópoli, Attica (Greece)

    Foto af High steps
  • Ámmos circuit

    1,55 kilometer / km - Svær

    tæt på Ámmos, South Aegean (Greece)

  • Káto Kleísma circuit

    8,87 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Káto Kleísma, South Aegean (Greece)

  • Kolymbithra - Platys Gialos

    2,45 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Kolympíthra, South Aegean (Greece)

  • Smardaki circuit

    3,03 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Smardákito, South Aegean (Greece)

  • Gávrion - Batsíon

    9,68 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Gávrion, South Aegean (Greece)

    Foto af Agios Petros Spring
  • Tinos Challenge 2017

    21,3 kilometer / km - Svær

    tæt på Tripótamos, South Aegean (Greece)

  • Agápi - Krókos

    13,85 kilometer / km - Moderat

    tæt på Agápi, South Aegean (Greece)