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Uploaded 11. januar 2019

Recorded januar 2019

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272 m
18,75 km

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tæt på Şidaqah, Al Fujayrah (United Arab Emirates)

Bouldering and climbing all the way to the too of the village. Better to carry rope as their would be water still in the wadi and need to use the edge to cover it.

After enjoying the village its a steep descent to the wadi through a donkey path. Once u reach the wadi down its a 4km straight plain walking through the wadi to the start point.

Amazing intermediate hike and not for those who are really scared for heights


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  • Foto af amplituded

    amplituded 09-03-2019

    Gave it a shot, rope a complete must in the cold season as the pool is impassable without it. We couldn't go any further as we put our hopes into the pool being dry. Otherwise a very enjoyable intermediate hike (at least up until the wadi pool where folks use the ropes in the pictures above.

  • Foto af Salam Suviro

    Salam Suviro 09-03-2019

    Hope u had fun 💪🏼

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