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tæt på Nismes, Wallonia (Belgique)

This is a very nice walk, giving you a good impression of the diversity of natural beauty that Nismes has to offer.

The walk is quite easy actually, although there are two moments where we made it slightly more difficult than necessary.

We climbed out of the Fondry-des-Chiens, which you could avoid by going back the way you descended into it, which is an easy track.

The second moment is the far end of La Roche Trouée, where we decided to descend a narrow steep track, which in itself is not difficult, but once down in the undergrowth there was no real track anymore and we had to make our own way through the undergrowth and later pass 4 or 5 fences in order to get to a real track again.

You will have the best view of La Roche Trouée if you walk to the signpost at the N99 and take the lower track around it, which we did not do this time.

You could avoid the difficulty of passing the fences by going back the track you took to La Roche Trouée and take back any of the tracks from Le Fondry des Chiens leading back to Nismes.

Do not miss out on view point 3 that gives a very nice view of Nismes, Les Jardins Thématques, and the countryside. There is a bench there, beautifully situated that gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful view.



View Eglise de Nismes


Le Moulin de Nismes


L'Eau Noir


Point de vue 2


Arboretum de Mousty

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Point de vue

Bench and statue

Tienne Breumont


Les jardins thématiques

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Point de Vue 3

Beautiful view of Nismes , Bench

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Reserves naturelles domaniales du Viroin

Le Fondry des Chiens


La Roche Trouée


The furthest part of La Roche Trouée


L'Eau Noire

2 kommentarer

  • Foto af stefan1971

    stefan1971 01-11-2019

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  verificeres  Vis mere

    We really enjoyed the trail

  • Foto af DinkSmallwood

    DinkSmallwood 01-11-2019

    Thanks, so did we!

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