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tæt på Ballycoyle, Leinster (Ireland)

Kippure and Tonduff
I’m keeping these summaries short as I’m on a two month tour of Ireland and there’s a lot of hills to hike and therefore lots of entries.
All mapping used are view ranger digital OS 1:50 or 1:25. You will get the best results by uploading my wikiloc gpx giles into this mapping software.
This was two hikes done as one really with parking (5-6 cars) at the start of both routes namely around 4kms north of Sally Gap on the military road the R115. Kippure was to the left (NW) and Tonduff on the right (SE).
Kippure-a big hill with a huge mast on it along with a trig point. Easy...simply walk west on a tarmac road up a gradual hill for 3.5kms and turn round and come back.
7kms done in 1hr 20min with 282m of ascent. Views are nice but a tarmac road...oh well!
Tonduff-slightly smaller hill to the east. Follow the gpx trail, it’s pretty open country, quite boggy and tussocky with no indistinct trails. There’s a cairn on the top. Nice views here too.
6kms in 1hr 33min with 133m of height gain.
The afternoon was a decent workout...!
All statistics are taken from my Garmin watch.


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