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tæt på Tenicosquey, Canarias (España)

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This hike from Tenicosquey through the Valle de la Cueva (Valley of the Cave) is quite flat and has not more than 350 meter total climbing.

The most interesting parts are through the "malpaises" or badlands of the Valle de la Cueva, and further along the shore.

The cave is only a small chamber in a volcanic formation and seems to be used by goats as a shelter.

The first part through the Valle de la Cueva is a dirt road.

Once you reach the sea, there seems to be a man-made (?) cave/chamber in a hill on your left. We climbed to the cave, people apparently had recently set a fridge on fire in the chamber and the smell was terrible.

For the second part along the shore there are many, many small trails and you cannot really go wrong here.

Just before you have to turn right (land inward) for the last part of the hike, there is a small settlement. Be aware of dogs (good thing it was chained but it scared us nevertheless).

After the settlement there's a beach, that is also reachable by the dirt track that you will follow back to the starting point.

Because the third part of the hike (back from the beach to the starting point) is slightly monotonous, this hike gets an overall 3 out of 5 points. However, the first and second parts would get 4 points...
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