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  • Foto af Stag and Spey 2nd waterfall trudge
  • Foto af Stag and Spey 2nd waterfall trudge

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tæt på Charwell Forks, Canterbury (New Zealand)

Stag and Spey 2nd waterfall. Apologies for starting at the waterfall and walking back to the car park but this is a great trudge both ways. Follow the river up and back. There are swimming holes all the way. Crossing the river multiple times, wear good footwear you don't mind getting soaked. Take a packed lunch and enjoy.

The first falls are about 1km up from the car park.

The car park is hidden. When you arrive at the end of the Stag and Spey Road, there is a gate directly in front of you and a bridge with a private property sign to your right. Open the gate and drive through. Park before the next gate. If you are taking the hike up to the falls. Walk through the next gate and follow the river.


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