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tæt på Gibraltar, ACT (Australia)

From Square Rock you can see all the way to the Canberra CBD in the distance, if the Captain Cook fountain on Lake Burley Griffin is operating then this can also be seen.

This track includes the short extension to the Orroral Valley Lookout. If you want a slightly shorter walk then this can be ommited, certainly Square Rock is the best point to go to if you can only do one of them. The Orroral Valley Lookout adds about 1km to the track.

Start in the car park at the trail head, there is a trail register where you can sign in (and out!). We walked in spring and many walkers were not signing in at all. Actually, I was slightly surprised that there was a trail register for a track in this location, however, I can understand that in winter this is a good precaution. Snow is quite common in winter, as are high winds. So while we had a very nice spring day it was still quite cool. There are supposed to be brochures in the box next to the register - but there none on the day!

The track is in most parts a very gentle incline, with a smooth gradual ascent - so you don't realised that you are climbing. There are a few steeper sections, these have rock steps. Overall the track is a very simple walk. The start of the track has walkways over what could be quite wet areas, and some constructed steps. This soon gives way to a well formed single file trail.

The vegitation is very interesting, especially in the first 1-2km. With some very tall magnificent trees. The are significant signs of wombats, not that you see any. We did see some kangaroos, red necked wallabies, quite a few birds, and lizards. In the later afternoon the bird calls were also very interesting. The wallabies and kangaroos are wild, however, they must see a lot of humans because they pretty much ignored us and didn't bound off.

At Square Rock there is a metal ladder that lets you climb up onto some of the rocks and get to see the views. I just love the low key sign warning of the existence of cliffs!

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Orroral Valley Lookout

Views into the valley.


Quite a few large tors dot the landscape.






This is the whole point of the walk.

Square Rock Car Park

The cark park is at the trail head, there is a trail register at the edge of the car park.





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