Evi Zogu


3,86 km

Positiv højdeforskel

51 m



Negativ højdeforskel

222 m

Max Højde

405 m


32 4,7

Min Højde

234 m


  • Foto af Sineci Canyon
  • Foto af Sineci Canyon
  • Foto af Sineci Canyon
  • Foto af Sineci Canyon
  • Foto af Sineci Canyon
  • Foto af Sineci Canyon




12. maj 2013
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1 kommentarer
405 m
234 m
3,86 km

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tæt på Marez, Elbasan (Albania)

Canyon of Sineci has many waterfalls and it is between Gramsh District(Elbasan Region) and Berat.The trip start in Prrenjas Village(1.5 hour from Gramsh City).
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1 kommentarer

  • Foto af OreoPumpkin

    OreoPumpkin 25. jul. 2020

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    Thank you so much for this trail, we really enjoyed it. First of all the starting point is not easily accessible, the last part of the road (~10 km) is a winding dirt road. At the beginning is was a bit boring and we started to doubt we will see the those beautiful waterfalls but a bit later it started to get more and more amazing. The route is easy to follow. We did this trail in July when there was hardly any water in the river bed so we could walk in/right next to it. Hitting the waterfalls we always kept to the left when climbing down the rocks. It's an easy route but we still categorize it as moderate because of these 2-3-4 meters high rock walls which are not so easy to climb. At the end there will be a really high waterfall, you can't climb down there.

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