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977 m
37 m
19,13 km

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tæt på Little Langdale, England (United Kingdom)

Extraordinary, quite long (almost 20 km) but technically easy trail to Scafell Pike, starting and finishing in Great Langdale, at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel car park, 7 miles NW of Ambleside.

Magnificent views on a clear day of Lake District valleys and mountains all the way up and down the summit.

The trail to the summit has 4 short descents, 2 of them in the proximity of Angle Tarn (the lake located halfway), and the other 2 just before reaching the summit. These descents will become ascents on the way back to the valley, not looking so short then... These extra meters make the route somehow longer and harder.

The most critical point during the descent from Scafell Pike is the Esk Hause saddle, a wide plateau where many paths converge (at least 6 paths), but only one of them will take you where you want to go! A place to take special care in bad weather conditions.

Moving time: 6h 20 minutes
Stopped time: 1h 40 minutes
Total: 8 h

A more detailed description of the critical (only in case of bad weather) Esk Hause section, to and from the summit, found at scafellpike.org.uk website:

"From Esk Hause, take the path westwards, climbing between Great End and Ill Crag, and across the boulder-strewn slopes of Broad Crag from where the towering summit of Scafell Pike finally comes into view.

Progress across the boulders here requires care, and a tinge of disappointment awaits as you see the hard-earned height which must now be lost before the final ascent to the summit can begin! The final climb is steep and the ground is loose, but the summit plateau is soon reached and the giant cairn which marks the highest point in England comes back into view. Time for a well-earned break to enjoy the sense of achievement and take in the breath-taking panoramic views!

From the summit retrace the route back as far as Esk Hause again. Descend north-eastwards from Esk Hause for about 300 metres to meet the main Sty Head to Langdale, and follow this well-defined and maintained path south-east as it drops down to delightful Angle Tarn."

Allen Crags 784 m


Bow Fell 902 m


Broad Crag 934 m


Esk Hause 759 m


Esk Pike 885 m


Great End 910 m


Ill Crag


Angle Tarn


P Great Langdale


Rossett Pike 651 m


Scafell Pike 978 m

4 kommentarer

  • Foto af cianapleyn

    cianapleyn 27-12-2018

    No way is this route moderate. I have done it twice. Difficult at least. A long day's walking. Good route much more interesting than the route from Wasdale

  • Foto af Bozena Tarnawska

    Bozena Tarnawska 03-05-2019

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  verificeres  Vis mere

    Great walk 👍

  • Foto af Kitymonty

    Kitymonty 05-07-2020

    The trail is great although the weather has been bad, no views and very slipery. Technically should be easy, prepared path most of the way but the rain makes you go slow. When

  • mguillam 19-10-2020

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    This is a beautiful walk with some amazing views when the weather permits it. It is difficult on the last ascension as you walk through large stones and slippery when it rains. A long day walk, 20km, but definitely worthy the effort!

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