• Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)
  • Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)
  • Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)
  • Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)
  • Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)
  • Foto af Savannah Walk (East of Monrovia)

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tæt på Zaazu, Margibi (Liberia)

This is one of the nicest walks in Liberia we've done so far. It's a great walk over a grassland that is interrupted by patches of jungle not far out of Monrovia.

To get to the starting point of the walk, you need to take the Monrovia-Kakata Highway and leave it at the indicated way point. From there, follow the dirt road to what is locally referred to as the "Chinese Farm". A 4WD is not needed for this road, but will make it certainly more comfortable. And the second way point, take a right turn to drive up the entry of the farm. You'll need to cross a bridge made out of palm tree. So if you don't feel comfortable with that, you can also park at the previous way point and walk a few meters extra.

Even though there are only few small villages along the way, there are many tracks through the grassland. It's therefore quite important to keep an eye on the GPS as it may not always follow the main trail.

Along the route there are frequently patches of trees/forest/jungle. Each time there will be small tracks through these patches even though they may not be visible until you get very close to them. There are also quite a few bridges or "bridges" along the way. Many of them are fine, but sometimes it's just a tree trunk over the water without any chance top secure your hands. In that case, you will most likely find a branch nearby you can use to secure yourself.

Along the way, you will also pass through a few villages. Our experience was that the people are very friendly but do appreciate if you take just a few minutes to talk to them as you are most likely the entertainment for that day :-)

Enjoy the walk and take lots of pictures. Feel free to try a few of the many tracks long the road, but note that many of them are dead-end tracks leading to villages or water points.

Then a final note: This hike can only be done during the dry reason. During the rainy season, the savannah gets frequently flooded, the ground will turn into mud at some places and small streams will turn into rivers making them impossible to pass without a boat. One of the locals told me about travelling by canoe during the rainy season...

Start point

This is the starting point and the finish of the hike

Right Turn

Make a right turn here to get to the "Chinese Farm" from where the hike starts, or park your car here and walk the last few meters due to the palm tree bridge.

Leave Main Road

Leave the Monrovia-Kakata Highway at this way point and go in the generally southern direction to get to the starting point of the hike

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  • Foto af Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson 29-02-2016

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    Beautiful hike. The people along the way are very welcoming, the scenery is wonderful and you see almost no trash!

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