763 m
538 m
7,06 km

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tæt på Kosmadaíoi, North Aegean (Greece)

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  • Foto af cudsen

    cudsen 07-11-2015

    My wife and I did this trail in september 2015. It is a VERY nice trail - fantastic views both towards Karlovassi and the sea - and towards the Kerkis mountain area. Trail is easy to follow, when having downloaded it to our GPS. And when you have completed the trail, you can enjoy a lunch at the nice taverna in Kosmadei. Perfect!

  • Foto af cudsen

    cudsen 04-10-2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We did this trail again in September 2017. It is still a fantastic trail. And we had lunch at the same taverna i Kosmadei as in 2015 ... also still good!

  • Frank Jacobsen 22-05-2018

    I have followed this trail  verificeres  View more

    Very Nice route!

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