• Foto af Saksun (Feroe)
  • Foto af Saksun (Feroe)
  • Foto af Saksun (Feroe)
  • Foto af Saksun (Feroe)
  • Foto af Saksun (Feroe)
  • Foto af Saksun (Feroe)

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Uploadet 19. september 2014

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55 m
-23 m
4,21 km

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tæt på Saksun, Streymoyar sýsla (Føroyar)

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Lille udflugt i Saksun, ved mundingen af ​​floden indtil dens udgang til havet, drage fordel af lavvandet.

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5 kommentarer

  • noff 17-01-2016

    Lovely & easy walk to a rugged coast but be sure to check the tide charts - you want to go and return at low tide.

  • Mostraum 02-08-2016

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    Lovely and easy walk on low tide. One of our company jumped in the water. Be careful if you do that, the rip is strong and the water is cold.

  • Foto af Corby

    Corby 02-08-2016

    Hi Mostraum, you are also very "strong" to jump in the water !

  • Mostraum 02-08-2016

    I didn't, one of the others I walked with was crazy enough to do that.

  • Foto af iasgair_71

    iasgair_71 27-05-2019

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    I had already heard and read that Saksun is to be visited at your own risk, so to say, because of one or two rather unfriendly locals. While I do understand you don t want to get near houses, leave gates open or leave rubbish as a visitor, I still do not understand how you are allowed to block access onto the beach beyond. I just followed the route as indicated on the official sign next to the parking lot where you are allowed no further by car as indicated. I saw none but other walkers returning, and past the tarmac there are no houses anyhow. A fantastic walk by any means. The sun was out in full force and in the sand by the lake you can already see how far the tide comes in. I reached the beach with the tide coming in (timetable at start of the walk) and though the place was glorious with waves thundering all around I felt uneasy about this incoming tide (4 hrs to go for high tide) because the access further back is narrow and vertical. So I had lunch by the lake further upstream. Still saw no one and no idea how I could upset anyone. I hope the tourist council and the locals get their signs and regulation in sync so it is clear for all to see because this seems to be a wider spread problem.

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