Jens Vahl
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Uploadet 20. oktober 2018

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44 m
-13 m
9,07 km

Vist 46 gange, downloadet 11 gange

tæt på Starholm, North Denmark (Denmark)

Råbjerg Mile - Round

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    jegr 26-03-2019

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    A wondeful landscape, but lots of the route was offroad passing wet and tricky areas with no tracks. When we came to the spot where we should go down to the beach, it was a vertical drop of 10-15 meters, which we could not pass. We had to improvise through the dunes, until we met a small path taking us inland and back towards the starting point. If we missed at nearby spot, where it is possible to come down to the beach, please describe it clearly in the text.
    But all in all a wonderful tour in a very special area - TFT

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