400 m
-40 m
8,81 km

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tæt på Millstream, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike started with the Emma Dixon Trail and the Bluff Trail to Jocelyn Hill viewpoint. We descended to Piccadilly Circus and descended to Elbow Point. The Rabbity Trail is a rough trail traversing the steep rocky slope below Jocelyn Hill. The exposure was significant. The trail varied from bolder hopping, to exposed ledges, to a narrow grassy trail covered with slippery arbutus leaves. Cliff bands were frequent including one rock climb aided with fixed ropes. Route finding was difficult as the boot track often disappeared and flags were infrequent. We took the option to climb on the steep trail up 800 ft vertical to rejoin the bluff trail. The day was cloudy with a couple of drenching rain squalls. I am unlikely to hike this route again, even with better conditions.


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