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tæt på Wilhelmsthal, Thüringen (Deutschland)

Pleasantly surprising walk just south of Eisenach, starting from and ending at Hohe Sonne, where there is ample parking space. Follow the Weinstrasse, go up the Grosser Drachenstein for a panoramic view, then descend into the Landgrafenschlucht and return via the Drachenschlucht. Both gorges are very nice, although also very well-known and frequented by quite a few day tourists. If you have the choice, you may want to pick a weekday outside the main tourist season, but even on this Sunday in the middle of the high season it was still not too bad. Very recommendable for more reasons than just the narrow Dragon Gorge. The walk is very easy (33p, 8,65km, 227m(+), 233m(-) & 5,8%/15%(+) according to IBP), by the way, and only the final ascent to the end point requires some minimum effort.

* = regular hike; ** = nice hike; *** = beautiful hike;
**** = very beautiful hike; ***** = exceptionally beautiful hike (unique)

0-25 IBP = very easy hike; 26-50 IBP = easy hike;
51-75 IBP = moderately difficult hike; 76-100 IBP = difficult hike;
>100 IBP = very difficult hike (all for someone in average/good shape)

Source of the photos: M. Buter


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