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tæt på Kema Town, Montserrado (Liberia)

A relative shorter walk just outside Monrovia. The area is not as flat as Monrovia but it has some nice small hills. Nothing to difficult, it just gives some nice and different views.

The first 2.5 km, a narrow trail snakes around houses until you get to a soccer field. From there, you follow an unpaved road for quite some kilometres and the trail is easy to follow.

You pass through patches of forest (and also quite a few patches that have been logged).

At around 10km, you come to an asphalted road which you follow for only 700 meters where you leave the road and find some nice benches under the tall and old trees.

From there you follow a track to a village where you are likely to see some cows. On it's own not that exceptional, but not that usual in Liberia.

The last kilometre is similar as how the track starts: Smaller trail until you get back to starting point.

When we were there (April 2015), there is a nice parking place at the starting point.

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    HenkeFredde 25-10-2015

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    It is a good mix of small trails and gravel roads. The start/end point has a small shop where you can buy soft drinks. At one point there is a water crossing where the water is approx 50 cm deep. This was in October and in the end of the rainy season. No problem at all to cross.

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