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8,95 km

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14. oktober 2017


oktober 2017
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2 kommentarer
240 m
16 m
8,95 km

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tæt på Nuuk, Sermersooq (Grenlandia)


2 kommentarer

  • Daniel Binau 7. maj 2018

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  verificeres  Vis mere

    Went in early May when everything was still covered in deep layers of snow. Trail was virtually unmarked and in my case only parts of it had footprints from other hikers or snowmobiles. The map was extremely valuable and I would not have been comfortable doing the trail without it. Skirting the lake I had to be careful not to accidentally walk on the actual lake since the shore was not visibly marked, it was all just snow.
    Note that you should do the trail clockwise, if you do it in reverse direction (as I did) you will have to scale a very steep slope which would have been a breeze to slide down but was extremely difficult to ascend.
    I'm sure the trail would be much easier in the summer when the snow is melted.

  • fabienne.polzl 22. jun. 2018

    Possible to join the start point with bus 3 ( stop airport) and at the end, go back to center town with bus 1 ( stop Asiarpak)
    At the beginning there are high plastic stakes to mark the footpath. There is a construction site you are not allowed to pass through, so follow the stakes. After, you find from place to place number 2 painted on rocks.
    On June 21, the snow begins to melt and sometimes it is really difficult prevent your foot from passing through a snow bridge. So you walk slowly and carefully.
    But ok, we did it. And I am not really a young athlete. 4 hours.

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