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  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012
  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012
  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012
  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012
  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012
  • Foto af Mount Konka West Track 09/2012

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tæt på Shangyou, Sichuan (China)

Camp1: In the middle of a Yak herd, next to two nomands tents
Camp2: You have to cross some small rivers without a bridge, you will guaranteed get wet feets!
Camp3: Slept in a locals House where nobody was living. Maybe not legal, but the door was open so we tried.
Camp4: Slept in the locals "village" (just three houses, all with the sign "Family Hotel" on it. We paid 50RMB/person incl. dinner and breakfast.

Get there: We paid 180RMB to go to the power station, but the last part of the road was closed, so we have to start hiking some km earlier.

Get back: We paid 150RMB/Car to go over the pass to the next village. There we hired another car which bring us to Kangding for 525RMB/Car. Normally they will charge you 800RMB for all the way from the first village. It was a long 7-8 hours ride, there was lots of contruction works so the price was very ok.

We saw just two inhabited nomad camps, on the first day two nomand ladies where we camped. We eat dinner together and also breakfast. They didnt want any gift for that. On the second day we met a man with his wife, they invited us to eat some yak cheese. They also didnt want any gift, but we taked to much food with us so we leaved something there. On the third day we didnt saw anybody. There was a lot nomand camps, but nobody was there. The Monastry wasn't worse the entree fee of 20RMB/Person.
We hear and saw bears on the last day, but no wolfs. Anyway, you should store your food outside your tent to be sure they will not come in.

I'm not sure about the temperature. It was very warm in the daytime when the sun was shining so we walked in T-Shirts, but was around 0 degress in the night and also very cold in the morning before the sunrise.

The altitute was no problem for me because I stayed longer in the area and went also to Tagong, a small city in 3800m. But the friend who walked with me was sick in the second evening (big headache, feel he have to throw up) and his sleepingbag/clothes was not warm enough for the night.

If you have a GPS there is no need for a guide, you can easily stay on the trail with it. Just the altitute could make some trouble.

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