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tæt på Mérens-les-Vals, Occitanie (France)

To get tot he parking places at the beginning of the walk you will need to take the small, signposted (camping/route forestiere), tot he right coming from Merens Les Vals, 600 metres aftergoing through it.

This small road of 4.3 kilometres will take you from 1080 to 1450 metres. For the first 2 kilometres the road is narrow but quite normal, but fort he last 2,3 kilometres it is a dirt road with some unevenness especially at the beginning of that part.

Fortunately tehere are at least 20 spaces to poark the ca rand there is always enough space to turn it.

From the parking a signposted yellow marked track will lead you first to the Pont des Pierres, 1550 m.. This part of the track is steep but easy.

From the bridge you will have the choice to stay on this side of the river to get tot he lake and follow the yellow marks, or cross the bridge and follow the GR 10, which is a somewhat broader track and goes through more open country. This track goes up quite gradually giving you good views all the time on the river and the mountain tops.

The whole walk up tot he lake will take you no more than 75 minutes amd once you get there you can walk all around it and choose from many places to sit or lie down and spend a couple of hours in these beautiful surroundings.

This is a beautiful walk which can be easliy done with children.

Parking places



Two tracks to etang

Pont des Pierres



Alternative track to parking

Etang de Comte



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  • Foto af MAE 2

    MAE 2 09-07-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificeres  Vis mere

    Preciosa ruta. Gracias por la información.

  • Foto af DinkSmallwood

    DinkSmallwood 09-07-2019

    You're welcome😊 I'm glad you liked it.

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