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tæt på Vall de Ebo, Valencia (España)

This is a very panoromic walk. There is one drawback, however, if you dislike walking on asphalted/tarmac roads.

The part of the track between junction pr cv 58 (1) and junction pr cv 58 (2) has recently been asphalted.

This is also true for a great part of the descent between the col (Xellibre) and La Val d'Ebro.

Nevertheless this is a beautiful walk if you like vistas and panoramas.

Moreover, the part between junction pr cv 58 (2) and the col (Xellibre) under Miserat is a nice climb with stunning views back towards the sea.

Going down from the col you will have to take the tarmac road again but the yellow/white marked track leaves the road at the first opportunity and this part of the walk is also beautiful and will give you a very nice view of the ruins of the Castel de Gallinera.

This track will take you back to the road again which you will cross to take a wide track that, unfortunately, after 200 metres becomes a tarmac road again.

When this road turns sharply to the northwest you can follow a track past a few solitary houses and a pond, Pla dels Corralets, which track also appears to be partly asphalted, but when the road ends, a barely visible and poorly indicated track will go west and take you along the Barranc de Turrubanes deep under you along formidable rock formations.

The yellow/white markings are virtually non-existent here and where they appear they are not very helpful but you descend in a western direction all the time until you reach olive trees groves and then a track will lead you to Corral de Cuartel and the road.

From there on the road will take you back to La Val d'Ebo.

Because of the panoramic aspects of this walk we feel that it is really worthwhile doing.

Public parking


Riu Girona


Junction pr cv 58 (1)

Figuereta east almisera nnorth east

View to the north


View Pego


Junction pr cv 58 (2)


Tossal del Temple


Solitary tree


The col (Xellibre)

View Penyon de la Forada to the west

View ruins castle




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