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tæt på Ugchelen, Gelderland (Nederland)

This is another one of the "klompenpaden" in the province of Gelderland, located near Ugchelen on Veluwe.

Most would say that this track is not really representative of the "klompenpad" formula as it runs through an area that is different in character from the landscapes of most of the other klompenpaden. But does that really matter ?

It seemed that this recently opened path attracted so many visitors in such a short time that some parts of the track were quickly re-routed, due to its popularity and the ensuing nuisance for the locals.

Undoubtedly this explains why towards the end there are some needless twists and turns that seem to make hardly any sense.

This GPS track includes a short detour that we took towards Ugchelse berg. The current path doesn't include this short climb to the viewing platform, so if you want to avoid this, look carefully for the signs on the path.

The path gives you a good feel and look of the area all around. We particularly liked the area near the fen and along the "koppelsprengen".

Parking space near hotel conference centre

And informatice display of Ugcheler Markepad

Landgoed de Kooiberg


Ugchelse berg


Groen Kuil Grind


Bench on fen


Landgoed Bruggelen




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