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46,03 km

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tæt på River Jordan, British Columbia (Canada)

Completed the trail in 46.5 hours.
Day 1: Parked at China Beach, hiked 2hrs to Bear Beach
Day 2: Hiked from Bear Beach to Sombrio Beach (8hrs)
Day 3: Hiked 5hrs from Sombrio Beach to the Botanical parking lot

I then walked all the way into the junction in the centre of Port Renfrew. I tried to hitchhike while walking but not one of the 30+ cars that passed stopped to offer me a lift. From the junction I was picked up almost immediately & dropped back to China Beach.

The section of the trail after Chin Beach (towards Sombrio) was far easier than the section from China Beach to Chin Beach. The trail was much flatter, way less elevation gain/loss after an initial huge climb to the trail's highest point.

Saw two orcas on the morning of Day 2, just offshore between Bear Beach & Chin Beach - we tried to take a shortcut along the shore at low tide but had to turn back (but we did get to see a cool sea-cave & some orcas, sooo...)

Also followed the shore for too long after Parkinson Creek, had to whack through thick salal to rejoin the trail. Don't try to take shortcuts!

The kilometre markers are a little off, my total distance would have been less than 45km had I not tried to walk along the shore between Bear Beach & Chin Beach before having to double back, & I also completed the Botanical Loop at the end instead of having straight for the parking lot. Not sure where the 47km listed on the maps comes from...


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