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Jocelyn Hill is one of the most scenic hikes in Highlands, near Victoria BC. The views are spectacular from the cliffs 1400 ft above Finlayson Arm of Saanich Inlet. This area is in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. There are trails to Jocelyn from the north from the Mackenzie Bight Mt Work parking lot, from the south at Caleb Pike parking lot.

Our favourite route on Jocelyn Hill is the Emma Dixon Trail from Stonecrest subdivision, near the end of Millstream Road, just past the intersection of Emma Dixon Rd. This trail is a pleasant walk through the wood to join the cliff route from Caleb Pike. The route shown is our normal route, to the viewpoint on the cliffs. around to the viewpoint north, over to the actual summit and then back. Rather than retracing the cliff route we generally swing to the east and take the ridge walk over what is called Mom's bump. Mom's bench and viewpoint is the highpoint of this loop that takes you back to the trailhead.
The junction for the Mom's Bump trail is at the sign and map along the cliff trail. Turn left and walk about 20 m to the tee junction at the horse trail. Turn right and walk another 20 m to find an obscure trail on the left. Follow this for about 20 m to the base of a steep pitch. Climb up and follow the trail to the viewpoint on the right and Mom's bench on the left. The rest of this trail is an easy walk along the ridge. Continue to the viewpoint over a tidy hobby farm with a blue house, red barn and a small lake. Turn right to find the steep trail off the ridge. The hike takes 2 to 3 hours depending on how long you stay at the viewpoints.

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