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tæt på Şufayrī, Ajman (United Arab Emirates)

This is an improvised hike to Hatta mountain sign. I haven't followed any exact route that is marked at Hatta's wadi hub but I have crossed a few different paths along the way that are marked as red, blue, or green trails. Green is considered easy, while blue is medium and red a bit more challenging. However, I would still rate this hike as easy for a fit person, and moderate for someone less experienced. Nevertheless, once in nature, everyone has to take safety measurements and evaluate their own abilities.
In this hike, I took my own way towards Hatta sign, shortcutting through the mountain (good leg workout). Few marked trails I crossed are in a quite bad condition (might be after seasonal rains) thus have to be mindful of lots of loose rocks, other than that paths are easy to follow.
This trail offers beautiful views of Hatta from the higher vantage point. It goes all the way up to Hatta mountain sign (shortcutted way, faster but probably not an easier way). The beginning and end of the hike is just an easy stroll along with one of the green Hatta hiking trails.
Please ignore that crazy straight line-wikiloc stopped working and recorded this straight line. The real distance is about 6 to 7 kilometers not 11km.

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1. Sheik Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dam

I have parked at Sheik Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dam. Although there is proper parking available at Hatta Wadi Hub. I parked here because I planned to reach Hatta mountain sign and come back the same way, which later I changed into a loop.

2. Left turn next to this sign

Once you reach this signpost, look for a small path turning left into the mountain. First I went straight following the dirt road, but soon realized it is taking me away from my Hatta sign goal.

3. Views of Hatta

There is no connection shown on the map between point 3 and 4, but just follow the trail up. Wikiloc stopped and "messed up" the recording.

4. Signpost higher up the mountain

Continue following the trail to the left up the mountain until you reach another sign post.

5. Narrow trails winding around the mountain


6. Views of the farm


7. Detour toward hiking sign

I have left the official trail and climbed up towards Hatta sign. The climb is not that complicated just there is no path, but the incline of the hill isn't steep so it is very doable if you have hiking experience and want a good leg workout.

8. Getting closer to the sign


9. Nearly there

The climb is short, it took me probably around 10 minutes of slow climbing to get up to the sign after I left the official trail.

10. Hatta mountain sign

Once I reached the sign, it turned out that there are official trails going all the way up to the sign (probably easier ones) but it was quite fun to take a shortcut and find yourself in a little adventure of climbing the raw mountain.

11. Followed the narrow trail to the right

There will an option to decline through a wide dirt road which is used for mountain karts, you should see a bunch of tires stacked on top of each other. However, I chose to follow one of the trails to my right behind the Hatta sign. It gave an extra beautiful view before I started to climb down the mountains.


You can notice trails winding around the mountains.

13. Trickier part

Here I lost the sight of a trail I was following. I have a feeling it was destroyed by rains and although it might be still there, everything looks like a scree slope. So I just continued going around the mountain sticking to it and aiming to climb down later.

14. Dirt road

It was an easy climb down from point 13, just very rocky, here I reached a very clear wide dirt road which is now super easy to follow.

15. Mountain Carts

The dirt road with tires all around apparently is used for mountain carts.

16. Signposts


17. Some creepy looking bridge on the way back

On the way back you will be following the green marked track- just an easy stroll without any spectacular views but lots of birds around.

8 kommentarer

  • Deepa Vaswani 15-10-2020

    Hi Ausra. What’s the best time to do this hike? Can you recommend any easy to moderate hike that is scenic and can be done in the morning please.

  • Foto af Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 15-10-2020

    Hi @Deepa Vaswani, this hike, as most of the hikes in the UAE , is best done in the morning or in the evening for cooler weather. I would advise checking Shawka Dam to Pools hike, or Al Rabi trail for easy to moderate options and fantastic views. Please check my blog (link above in the description of this hike) where I have detailed instructions about the other Hatta hike and also Shawka and Al Rabi. You just have to scroll down the page to find more posts. Hope that helps :)

  • Deepa Vaswani 15-10-2020

    That’s amazing. Thanks for the quick response. Will definitely check out your blog.

  • Deepa Vaswani 15-10-2020

    Ausra I am not seeing an indication to your link in the description. Could you mention it here again please. Thanks.

  • Foto af Li Zhang

    Li Zhang 16-11-2020

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  verificeres  Vis mere

    Great trail. The first part and the middle part was detour. We followed the first part and later we choose to follow the trail.

  • 1993xelizabeth 28-01-2021

    Can dogs do this hike?

  • Foto af Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 29-01-2021

    Yes, this hike should be doable for dogs

  • 1993xelizabeth 29-01-2021

    Thank you Ausra

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