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tæt på Daehak-dong, Seoul (South Korea)

This is similar to my other Gwanaksan post, but goes in the other direction and has some minor trail differences.
From subway line two, get off at the Seoul National University Station and use exit 3. Straight ahead will be the bus stops for 1511 and 1513. Take either one to the Construction Engineering stop on the University Campus. The trailhead is about 20 m back from the bus stop. After about 5 minutes of hiking, the main trail will go right and across a small bridge and then follow a river valley almost all the way up. This is the way I recorded the trail. Instead of making the right, you can also go straight up the hill and follow the ridge to the summit. That is the way my previous Gwanaksan post came down from the summit. From the summit going down to sadang follows a sawtooth ridge and involves some scrambling over rocks (see pictures). You will eventually come out in a residential neighborhood. Just follow the road down until you get to the main road and take a right and Sadang Station (line 2 and 4) will be another 5 minute walk. The hike has a lot of nice viewpoints and is really nice to do in the fall.
This is a nice place to have lunch about a 10 minute hike from the summit.
There is a few places that require some serious scrambling over rocks.
The waypoint is not actually on the summit, but where I took the picture of the summit from. As you can see, on a nice day it can be very crowded.
This one is just coming off the summit. Don't fall here!


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