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tæt på Holy, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Circular walk through a polder just north of Vlaardingen and Schiedam. This walk is along a variety of tracks, ranging from the mountainbike track to grassy dike walk tracks (along Vlaardingervaart for example) to narrow footpaths (behind small gates) and a horseriding track.
You'll also come across some Scottish highlanders as well as people on the golf course crossing from one hole to another.
There is a wide variety of landscapes making the walk a versatile affair.
Besides, if you like adventure and active exercise, there are lots of things to do over there in the Klauterwoud.

Interestingly, the initial phase of a historic settlement development was announced on a big display, see picture. Returning to this area at a later date could be interesting.
Sports facility



Bridge 'de twist'


Knooppunt 39

Hof van Delfland

Knooppunt 43


Knooppunt 28

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  • Peter Boers 06-09-2019

    5 sep 2019 deze mooie ronde gelopen. Soms over drassige, bijna onbegaanbare, paadjes.
    Zeer de moeite waard. We zullen deze nog wel eens lopen met iets mooier weer.
    Nu hadden we af en toe een regenbuitje.

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