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tæt på Marín Balmaceda, Aisén (Chile)

You’ve left the stress of the city far behind and the moment couldn't be more perfect to breathe in the smell of the forest and walk along the shores of the sea, the sand on your feet, and the wind on your face. The rhythmic noise of the waves accompanies you as you make your way through this beautiful trail, full of surprises and pristine nature.

Office of the Tourism and Commerce Association

You can easily walk this trail solo, but, if you’d like the company of a guide to share information on the flora and history of the area, stop into the office of the Tourism and Commerce Association in the center of town. asocdeturismoycomerciormb@gmail.com

The first section of the Chucao trail

The first section of the trail crosses dense native forest located at the edge of town. Entering the forest, you’ll soon be enveloped in greens and browns; trees towering above and around, vines and bushes, ferns, tree trunks, and roots. It’s almost overwhelming, surrounding you with millions of hues, scents and textures.You will be surrounded by enormous coigües, with hanging lichens like old man’s beard (usneabarbata), lumas, canelos and hundreds of different types of ferns, among other native flora.The old man’s beard is a lichen of whitish hues that grows from the trees throughout Aysén, an indicator of air purity; the further away you are from the civilization, the more abundant and healthy it grows. If you're lucky and quiet you may be rewarded with the chance to observe the chucao, a small bird with a vivid orange chest and a beautiful song; the namesake for this trail.

Dunes and wild strawberries

After a bit, you’ll reach an opening in the forest which deposits you onto the dunes, and the contrasting panoramic of beaches, sea, and wide-open skies. Wild strawberries grow rampant in this area.

La Boca Beach

Continue along the vague trail to the access road and head left to the beach, which is called La Boca and is the only continental shore of Aysén where you can see the open sea. As you walk along the sand,you’ll feel the seabreezes on your face. There are no lifeguards or bathing areas on this beach, but, if you dare, dip your toes in the water and feel the adrenaline that is sure to hit you – it’s freezing!

Rustic overlook

Rustic overlook where you’ll have a panoramic view of the coast, the Gulf of Corcovado, and in the distance, Las Tres Hermanas, a string of small islands where live sea lions and cormorants abound.

The Vivo Cliffs

At the southern end of the beach you will find the Vivo (Living) Cliffs, so named for their foliage. You can return to town via the shore line and a vehicular path located at the edge of the forest.

Pitipalena Fjord

Across the fjord, you’ll spot a light house and in the distance, the mountains with their evergreen forests. The fjord is home to many birds, so it is an ideal place for observation and some good photos. Keep a watchful eye on the sea, because when you least expect, austral dolphins, or toninas, as they are locally known, will delight you with their playful swirling, jumps and leaps, near the shore.

Historic cementery

The circuit ends in the sector of the pier, and if you are interested, there is a brief side trail that leads to the historic cementery for Raúl Marín leading off from the right side of the road. Before returning to town, stop once more to take in your surroundings, breathe deep and feel the satisfaction of being in a place so remote, far away from the large buildings and the bustle of the crowded beaches in other parts of the world. For sure, it will be a hike to remember forever.


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