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tæt på Maro, Andalucía (España)

Parking is at Maro just outside the caves of Nerja or there is a bus to Maro. An easy walk in a road suitable for 4x4 vehicles. Leaving the car park walking away from the caves take the road to the left and keep following it, at the 2 mile mark you will come to a split in the road, Pinarillo which is the picnic stop is where you are heading. The split to the right takes you to El Cielo and is signposted Sendero. Take the road to the left and within a mile you will come to El Pinarillo a large shady picnic area. There is a white building on the right with a sign for El Esparto, keep to this route heading towards some higher hills it is still a road, to your left you will see a small valley and a group of white buildings this is where the fountain is. The road loops round to this group of buildings and El Esparto is there, don’t get too excited its more like a water trough than a piece of antiquity! Walk through the group of buildings and keep on the track, about 300 meters along this road keep an eye out for a rocky trail leading down to the left which will lead you back to Pinarillo it’s quite easy to miss. From Pinarillo it’s all downhill back to the car park at Maro.


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