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tæt på Soria, Canarias (España)

From the parking, start walking south west into the recreation area and along the path leaving Presa de las Niñas to the right. There is a small ascent to Cassandra’s Tree from where you take the path due south east.

Continue along this path until you reach the road. Now, turn right and stay on the road until you reach a sharp turn right and leave the road towards a white and red vane. From here you have a spectacular view of Soria.

Turn back towards the road and following the path from where you came, take a turn right on the first fork you encounter. This should lead you to a dirt road. Follow it turning right on forks walking down into the valley. After a while walking down this path you will find a fork, take the path to the left. Shortly after you will find another fork, this time keep going on the right path. Continue this path until you reach the road (GC-505).

From here turn to your left and continue along the road, you should be leaving Presa de Soria to your back. Stay on the main road until you reach a point where the main road turns from asphalt, to concrete and lastly a dirt road. Continue 3 Km always staying to the left. At the end of the 3 Km you will find a ruined house.

Continue on the main path due North this time staying to your right on the first fork, and left on the second, which leads you down a smaller path leaving the main path, and follow it – with a mountain to your right – until you hit a road, turning left here and keeping on the road until meeting a fork leaving right, this path being the one on which you started. Head to Cassandra’s tree and from there to the parking.


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