1.947 m
1.324 m
2,35 km

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tæt på La Loma, Departamento de Antioquia (Republic of Colombia)

This hike surprised us for two reasons.

1) How steep it is. Yes, we'd heard from many friends that it was steep, but it needs to be experienced to be believed. In my girlfriend Kim's case, that experience was too much. Within the first 100 feet of climbing, she lost her nerve and had to give up.

2) How short it is. As you can see from the map, the hike is an L. The first 1.5 km or so is pretty much entirely flat. The next 1 km entirely vertical, but it's only 1km and it only took me 37 minutes to do (after spending an hour handling the crisis of a hysterical girlfriend who couldn't take the treacherousness of the trail)

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