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tæt på Bureal, Alajuela (Republic of Costa Rica)

A pretty hike to a beautiful waterfall. You follow the same trail in and out and it takes you up over a hill and down into a cataract with an impressive waterfall. I followed the Wiki trail laid out by Carlos Piedra called Catarata La Paz and did not have any difficulty finding my way.

The path was good the entire way and I would describe it as rugged. It does have the potential for being very slippery in spots, heavy tread is recommended. There is definitely a climate transition too as you go from cool breezes to humid cloud forest and back. Not much of a view from the 'peak' altitude and wildlife seemed oddly scarce in such a beautiful and remote area. But this was all made up for by a spectacular falls that makes the hike worthwhile.

I should note that there was a locked gate at 5 km, permission for groups may be required?
Turn right and head up the hill
This one caught me by surprise, but basically the roads parallel each other and join back up in a couple hundred meters. Let the youngest group member decide which path!
The falls! My guess is 150' high. Takes about 4 seconds for water from the top to land in the pool at the bottom. Water was refreshing (that's Canadian for cold).


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