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  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip
  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip
  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip
  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip
  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip
  • Foto af Cascata Lillaz to Lago Loie roundtrip

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tæt på Lillaz, Valle d’Aosta (Italia)

Very nice roundtrip from the parking of the village Lillaz (near Cogne) via the waterfall (Cascada Lillaz) to Lago die Loie (small mountain lake).
We walked this trip half june 2014 as a first starter walk in the mountains (we are Dutch). It took us about 7 hours, including plenty of stops and we used about 2 liters of water per person. Hikers more used to the mountains might walk it in 6 hours or less. During the trip we experienced 3 seasons so bring both sunprotection and a raincoat. Although hiking poles (stokken) are not really nessecary because of the mellow descend, they can be of some assistance and we used them all the way. If possible bring binoculars!!!
Many aspects that make this trip worthwile:
- The variety of the landscape!
- The waterfall
- The Groundhogs (Alpenmarmotten, Murmeltiere)
- The altitudeprofile of this roundtrip (steep up, but easy slope down)
- The Lake
- The river
From the parking in Lillaz, follow the signs through the village to the Cascade. You will also see the sign to Lago di Loie. From the cascade the steep trail will continue going up the mountain through a forrest. It is a well maintained trail and easy to follow. Lots of small beautifull forrest flowers to enjoy on the way. You will see and cross some smaller waterfalls before you exit the forrest. When we hiked in June there were still some small snowfields visible but the trail itself was clear. After reaching Lago die Loie you might be temped to go the same way back but then you will miss a beautifull and easy-for-the-knees way down, so continue! Shortly after Logo die Loie you will reach the highest point of this track. From now on you will slowly descend through a marshy/bogland/wetland like valley with lots and lots of groundhogs (Alpenmarmotten), recognizable by their call (sound like a bird whistle). The track will join the river Torrente D'Urtier (the one forming the cascade down below) and, after crossing the river via a large bridge, finally will go through some fields (farmland) to end at the parking again.

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  • Foto af bezerker

    bezerker 06-08-2017

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    La partenza è abbastanza dura ma arrivati al lago poi non ci sono difficoltà. Luogo molto bello non soko ammessi i cani nemmeno al guinzaglio

  • Foto af bezerker

    bezerker 06-08-2017

    Dimenticavo che noi ci abbiamo messo quasi 4 ore ma è un tempo soggettivo

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