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tæt på Hospital Provincial Nuestra Señora de la Montaña, Extremadura (España)

It starts off as a feckin' ugly walk as you've first to get out of the city, then walk through a very tight, one foot in front of the other foot trail which is very thick with bushes either side, and even grown over the path so you are ducking quite at lot at first. Once you clear that though, the walk progressively gets prettier and prettier as you go, walking through fields of goats who, for the most part, are friendly, and small lakes in the area. There's farm houses and some swanky houses as you go, some empty, some occupied, but chances are you wont see a car from when you leave the city, until you get back on to the hill with the montana again.
This is the ugly bit I was talking about in the description, don't be as stupid as I was wearing shorts, you'll need trousers for this bit.
It looks pretty until you realise you have to duck under some of those bushes because the path is so tiny. It's worth it when you come out the other end though. And it only lasts for about 800 metres at most.
Goats ahead...if you zoom in... like, a lot.

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    Talajavi 25-03-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificeres  View more

    Ruta en su ultimo tramo es incomoda por los zarzales.que hay que atravesar.

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