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tæt på Vilassar de Mar, Catalunya (España)

This hike begins at the coast, through the old village and into the Parc de la Serralada Litoral. It's only five kilometers to the highest point, the Castell de Burriac.

Leaving the train station, the trail passes through a residential area and a large section of land dedicated to local farmers. It passes briefly through the small village and into the park where the elevation begins to increase. At about 4 km the ascent becomes quite steep. This section is a rocky footpath that rises through the forest; the last kilometer up to the castle is not technically difficult, but you will need to use your hands. At the top is the Castell de Burriac, with beautiful views of the surrounding area. The descent into Cabrera de Mar is a steep one, so be prepared.

This is an easy hike that poses no technical challenges, but the ascent and descent are both quite steep.
Castell de Burriac
by sipoxCoordinates (lat,lon): 41.53754, 2.38727
Elevation: 0 meters
 Castell de Burriac
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3 kommentarer

  • Foto af lucky.r

    lucky.r 24-06-2019

    Buena ruta, la hice al reves , mejor hacer en el sentido original

  • Foto af lucky.r

    lucky.r 24-06-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificeres  Vis mere

    Buena ruta

  • Gual.nuria 05-09-2019

    Hola es todo por pista? la realitzaré corriendo por la noche con luz. Gracias

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