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tæt på Änggården, Oarje-Götalándda leatna (Ruoŧŧa)

Small circular hike in the Änggårdsbergen nature reserve, which lies between the of Gothenburg and Mölndal. The track starts and ends next to the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, in Askimsgatan.

The track goes next to three lakes: Finnsmosse, Axlemosse and Trinde Mosse (there is a fireplace and a shelter next to Trinde Mosse). There are other small ponds near the way, and they were all frozen when I did the trail.

The trail follows well defined tracks and paths, and it is easy to follow, if there is no much snow.

Moreover, the track goes through two nice viewpoints from where it is possible to see Gothenburg, the Änggårdsbergen itself, and the sea, with the large ships waiting to enter into port.

The trail was recorded with the OruxMaps Android app.

License of trail and photos: CC-BY 4.0


Panorama of Gothenburg


This plaque. that represents the last planet in the solar system, is part of the scaled solar system that starts in the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, in Slottskogen park.


A place where you can make fire. There is wood piled next to it.


It is possible to see the sea and the large ships from here.

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  • Foto af Klas Hellgren

    Klas Hellgren 17-04-2017

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    Den finaste i Göteborg

  • David.tovi 12-10-2018

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    Superfin tur på stig och grusväg med naturlig intervall

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