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tæt på Imi n’Oulaoun, Souss-Massa-Drâa (Morocco)

I reached Amezri by bicycle via the wonderful pass of Tizi-n-Ouloun, 2768 m. This is the most scenic pass that I ever rode in the Atlas.
It should be possible to reach Amezri via the valley, starting from the asphalted road Demnate-Skoura.
At Amezri there is one gîte d'etape, where I left the bicycle for the four days that I passed on the mountain.
From the last village of the valley, Ichbachken, a path heads up to Tizi-n-Roghoult. My track does not follow this path, but ascends freely the flank of the mountain, where I slept in front of some shepherds with were making a fire. Little below the pass, it joins the path. Short after the saddle, I began a very long traverse high on the rocky flank of the Tarkeddid range. It is all moderate up and down, also with some slippery spot that requires care. Consider also that I did the tour in full winter, finding also snow and ice at this height.
After several hours of traverse, via a steep red side valley, I reached the main valley short after Kherfalla, which I did not even enter. Namely, I headed directly up to the last azib, located at nearly 3000 metres. From there I pointed directly to the nearby saddle and, via the snowy ridge, to the extremely panoramic top of Agouti.
I descended freely to the Tessaout source plateau, already fearing a night under the stars, in the extreme cold of this high place. Luckily, at a certain point I had the surprise to see a refuge appearing, It is the nice refuge Tarkeddid, run by Abdou Laaroussi, a man coming from the Ait-Bou-Guemez valley.
Restored by a good dinner, the following day at six I woke up and, in moonlight, I begin the ascent to the Mgoun, which I tackled via the evident saddle in front of the refuge. I believe that there is also a shorter way on the left, reaching the main ridge later.
When I was in the ridge there was a sudden interruption of the wind, following by a change in direction The new wind was so strong that I had to remain bent all the time, and I did not even have the chance to have a shot of the summit cairn. Namely, in I sought repair as quickly as possible in the nice valley hidden SW of the summit.
When the wind was beginning to blow snow which readily transformed into ice, I left the path in this valley to descend quickly to a lower plateau, where the conditions were better. From where I did not have problems to gain the Tessaout plateau again.
After a second night at the refuge, I crossed the whole plateau in direction Amezri, hoping to find the correct path descending into the valley. I found it, and it was indeed a spectacular finding, due to the scenic ambience where this wonderful thread develops. I reached the Tessaout gorge, which I followed back to Amezri.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS TRACK IS DRAWN BY HAND, although with careful research.

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Scenic village, with the very nice gite d'etape run by Brahim Boukyoud.

Fork to Imi-n-Ouloun

You have to cross the river to reach the village.


Last village on the toad to the pass


Spectacular place of red rocks


A pass 11 metres higher than the Passo Stelvio, and all in red gravel. The view opens scenically on the high Tessaout valley, with Amezri in the centre.

First houses

At this curve the village of Amezri appears.


The last inhabited spot of the valley. Here starts the path to Tizi-n-Roghoult.

Leave path



I slept on the flank of the mountain. below Tizi-n-Roghoult


The most important communication pass on this side of the high Tessaout valley.


Long horizontal traverse on the flank of the Tarkeddid range. In some sections severely eroded sections the path is a bit tricky. I met some shepherds.

Kherfalla valley

My traverse finally reached the river not far from the village. I found also a little mill.


Amazing as usual in Marocco to see where you can find shepherd huts, inhabited also in full winter! This one is at approx. 2750 m.


An angular summit on the long Tarkeddid ridge, dominating the trekking pass, which lies a bit north. Traversing the Agouti is surely not the quickest way to reach the Tarkeddid refuge, but it is indeed a very panoramic way!

Refuge Tarkeddid

Lonely on the long and wide Tessaout Sources Plateau.


At 3600 m.


Near to this foresummit I think that there is the confluence of the more direct path starting at the refuge. However, I had been advised to follow the longer path due to better snow conditions.

Irhil M'goun

First summit of the massif and second of Morocco. On top one finds only a little cairn. I did not take many photos: namely, I had to rush away because of the incredible wind!

Rock yramids

The point where I left the suggestive circus below the main summit.

Entering the Tilibit

I returned to the plateau (Tilibit) following a little ridge rising in the middle of the wide valley.

Exiting the Tilibit

Start of a short ascent, after the long flat stretch on the plateau.

Start of descent

A key point not to be missed!

Rock ledge

Spectacular stretch. Neither exposed nor delicate: actually, can be done also by mules.

Tessaout gorge

Marked is the point where I reached the river. For orientation, this would be the key point doing the loop the other way.


The basis of the loop.

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    Awesome keep it up .. great work https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/amezri-agouti-mgoun-11059192#wp-11059199/photo-6696774

  • Foto af puma2

    puma2 29-01-2019

    Ciao alberto, sono interessato a questo percorso. Mi potresti dire per favore dove si puo fare tappa e/o bivacco lungo l'itinerario ?
    Grazie mille,


  • Foto af Alberto Pedrotti

    Alberto Pedrotti 30-01-2019

    Quale punto di appoggio certo c'è solo il rifugio sull'altopiano del Tarkeddid. Poi è possibile campeggiare quasi ovunque. In particolare, all'uscita dall'altopiano prima di scendere ad Amezri ci sono dei ricoveri di pastori molto adatti. Non mi fermerei in prossimità delle creste dello M'Goun, vista la violenza dei venti che possono levarsi.

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    Grazie per le dritte.. si trova acqua lungo il percorso o me ne devo portare una gran quantità ?

  • Foto af Alberto Pedrotti

    Alberto Pedrotti 30-01-2019

    Buona domanda. Io non ci ricordo come ho fatto, ma questo è segno che problemi di approvvigionamento non ce n'erano. Non mi ricordo il dettaglio dei torrentelli, tranne un punto sulla discesa dal Tilibit, dove c'era un bel getto d'acqua sotto il quale ho fatto anche la doccia...

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