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tæt på Sahara Heights, British Columbia (Canada)

This is a fairly short trail to a wonderful view of the Alberni Valley. This valley is one of the largest on Vancouver Island and drains two of its largest lakes. From the top you can see the city of Port Alberni, Sproat Lake, Great Central Lake, the end of the Alberni Inlet, some farms, and lots of mountains. I recommend going clockwise around the route. It is steep in a couple of places. The trail is well-marked. It's about 45-50 minutes up and a little less going down.It's a nice side trip on your way to or from Pacific Rim National Park, or for an afternoon hike.


28-JUL-08 8:13:59AM

Meet Road

28-JUL-08 7:55:51AM

Parking Spot & Start

28-JUL-08 7:33:45AM

Right Turn

28-JUL-08 7:37:09AM

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  • Foto af poisondave

    poisondave 20-03-2015

    Sweet. Nice pics, I will check out the hike in the next couple of months. https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/alberni-lookout-9112505/photo-5399621

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