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tæt på San Antonio Oeste, Río Negro (Argentina)

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The plateau crossing, from SAO to IGB is normally made by night.
In general there is no so much to see, altought...

If the night is clear, with no moon, it is interesant to down at Valcheta for a minute.
From the platform you can see a starry sky.
Patagonia has has one of the clearest skies in the world, so that the resultant of this is that you will see a number of stars much higher than usual. Even watching closely you can see the profile of the Milky Way.

If there is a full moon the night views are magnificent. Under these conditions the desert looks like a lunar landscape.

In this part is wher the restaurant and the cinema coachs are put into service, so the trip has a social activity that is part of the entertainment.

The plateau is somewhat mystical and magical place, where they can see suprising things.

Arrival to the famous Ing. Jacobacci station is made a bit later from the dawn.
Here the train stops near ½ hour, to load water.
Jacobacci has a romantic style station, very well preserved.

Also is the Kilometer 0 of legendary Trochita railway, whose famous platform No. 2 can be seen on the left side of the train, and in the western sector of the platform. Getting off the train and walking down the platform it will be possible to see the tracks of this Lilliputian railroad.

Looking a little to the Northeast side of the station square it will be possile to see some steamers and some cars and wagons from La Trochita.
For history lovers this is an ideal place for a little photo tour, because besides the Trochita rolling stock it is usual to see here 100 years old broad gauge wooden wagons. Some of them have been used to build the line, which is a rarity.

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