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tæt på Rødhus Klit, North Denmark (Denmark)

Rødhus Klit - Løkken

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  • Foto af Discotravel

    Discotravel 31-07-2018

    Hey mate, can I access the beach earlier on the west coast or is this the lowest point? Would like to drive from Hanstholm to Skagen. Does the tide come in close or can you also pitch a tent on the beach?

  • antoniobanderas 31-07-2018

    Hi, I don’t this you can sleep over there. You can access at 3 points only. Let me check..

  • antoniobanderas 31-07-2018

    I stop recording at some point but there is a fence a bit further where I stopped with a sign “only fishermen”. Last exit going from north was Sletterstrand. I couldn’t find small exits that are visible on satellite maps. Just go all the way and then come back a little bit.

  • Foto af Discotravel

    Discotravel 31-07-2018

    Thnx mate, will be there in a few days probably the 5 or 6th of August

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