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tæt på Schwanebeck, Brandenburg (Deutschland)

Märkisch Oderland - Küstrin Ausflug auf legalen Feldwegen. Wie es der Name sagt. Fast durchweg unbeschildert und auch ohne Untersetzung machbar.

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  • cliffdroper@hotmail.fr 28-04-2020

    Followed the german part of the route, really beautiful and there was only 1 small portion of a dirt road that was marked as "Waldweg" (so presumably not legal but you can do a small detour to avoid it. I rode it on a scrambler motorbike, was really funny, with some spots that were a bit challenging (deep sand and big ruts in hardened mud). Very dry conditions, probably a few spots that will be quite tricky when wet if you ride a motorbike. Thanks for the share @Mr Kintango

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