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tæt på Belca, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

After waypoints 2, cca 3-4 km, 4x4 with highest ground clearance only!!!! Rest is gravel road.

Golica (1835 m) (German: Kahlkogel) is a peak in the Western Karawanks, on the border between Slovenia and Austria, above the Slovene town of Jesenice. It is known mainly for its fields of wild white narcissi, swathes of which cover Golica and surrounding pastures in late April and early May. This marks the beginning of a popular time for mountaineers to visit, extending through the end of summer.[2] The slopes provide great views of the Julian Alps and Austrian Carinthia; the Ljubljana Basin can be seen from the summit on clear days.

Kmečki turizem Zakamnik


4wd with highest ground clearance only!!!!



https://www.dom-pristava.si/en/ Dom Pristava is located at the base of Karavanke, in a pleasant ambient of the natural environment. We are only 5km away from Jesenice, but enough not to feel the city bustle. The house stands at an altitude of 975m and is the starting point for various hiking trails to the surrounding hills and mountains. Who is not walking, he can spend a pleasant day in the vicinity of Pristava’s house, can see the Zois park, maybe a little forgotten but wonderful … Here is well taken care of both adults and children, there are many children’s playgrounds, especially during the summer, you will enjoy the cool of the shade of ancient trees, planted 250 years ago by the famous botanist of the time Karel Zois.


15 kommentarer

  • LorenzoLandy 23-01-2017

    what do you mean for "high clearance"?
    Can a "normal serious" 4x4 (jeep/toyo/lr) do it?
    Is required to have a Pass?
    Please put also the link of the video since it seems I cannot run it from the images.

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 10-07-2017

    You can ride with every 4x4 vehicle in dry conditions in summer.

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 29-08-2017

    The road is fixed now. No more problematic section.

  • Foto af wastl1001

    wastl1001 19-10-2017

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    Thanks a lot, is was beautiful!

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 20-10-2017

    Thanks! I hope it was fun.......
    The best time for this trail is May.

  • Foto af TRDsport

    TRDsport 23-07-2018

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere


  • geert_b 28-07-2018

    I have followed this trail  Vis mere

    We just followed this route. Mostly gravel, few real 4x4 sections. Beautiful scenery. But the dead end section of the trail that leads to the top is private property! At least the last part. (past the building). It is not marked anywhere that it is private. There is a road straight ahead with a barrier and then you have to go left on a stony old road that leads to the top. That road doesn't have any signs. But only a real 4x4 can drive up, so maybe that is why there is no sign...
    We met the owner of the land and he was not very pleased...
    He treatened to call the police but in the end he did not... Just a warning :)

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 31-07-2018

    The ramp is not locked. It's ramp for cows. Just open it and close it behind you.
    Drive ONLY ON road !!!

  • geert_b 31-07-2018

    Yes there was an electric wire for cows we could open. We did close it after us. And a little further we met the owner who said you could not drive there...

  • geert_b 31-07-2018

    Just checked the track again, and apparently we did something wrong... I downloaded the trail as a gpx and then uploaded the track to my gps but the gps took another route the last part. So the trail is ok! I'm sorry :-).
    I wish I could upload a picture of which road we took and where it went wrong, but I don't think I can...

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 31-07-2018

    After the second ramp is one way to the left, then one right. Both lead to private property.
    The right road goes up
    The left road goes down.
    Both lead over private land.Driving is not allowed!

  • bosker7 26-05-2019

    This upper part from the video - are you sure this can be done with any 4x4? Looks really narrow :)

    What about pathfinder, stock - no mods, with BFG KO2 tires?

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 27-05-2019

    The road is fixed 2017. No more problem.
    I can not guarantee what the situation is now, because I have not been there for a long time.
    I will announce an easier alternative route.

  • Foto af alien4x4

    alien4x4 27-05-2019


    If you have trouble or need more information, stop at Erlah's pizzeria and ask for Alien.
    Erlah is by the road, behind to the bus station.

  • bosker7 09-06-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificeres  Vis mere

    As mentioned by others first part over Karavanke tunnel is easy milky way, can be done with a normal car. There is not much scenery, just going through woods. Several hiking options available.

    Second part from Planina Golica does require 4x4 LO, very step hill with stones, a bit narrow for a big jeep but just go slow. When entering woods, below the ski lift, it can be muddy if wet.

    We didnt do the upper part towards Golica mountain, at crossroads where the hiking trails can be entered, and we returned via different route then others - left - original easy return route, also if you cant make the the hill climb

    Here is our full route 1h 10min driving:

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