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tæt på Quesnel, British Columbia (Canada)

Also — and more correctly — known as the Nuxulk-Carrier Grease Trail, this is the overland portion of Alexander Mackenzie's 1793 journey to the west coast, the first European to cross North America from coast to coast. This is the 4x4/wagon trail, starting in downtown Quesnel, BC and heading west to Gatcho Lake, on the edge of Tweedsmiur Park. The actual Alexander Mackenzie Trail hiking trail parallels this trail for most of the way, then heads southwest through Tweedsmiur Park, while the 4x4/wagon trail ends at the park edge.

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  • 66rover99 09-02-2010

    At the moment, I'd have to say no. Although the Mackenzie Trail is intended as a hiking trail and closely follows the 4x4/wagon trail I've provided the tracklog for, the forest fires of 2009 went across a portion of the trail from Sandyman Meadows to Pan Meadows crossing and dead trees all but closed it to all forms of travel. I'm hoping to get there this spring with a crew to do some cleanup but this area is very remote.


  • 66rover99 21-12-2010

    As of summer 2010, a group went through with 4x4s and chain saws and reopened the burned portion southwest of Pan Meadows Crossing, however there were other forest fires further west that may have caused other areas of burn-over. Not sure what the current condition is, but I can confirm the trail was open on this route as of August 2010. Note that this area is one of the most devastated by the pine beetle infestation, and as a result it won't be surprising to see the entire area burn and reforest over the next few years.

    Dave Blair

  • Foto af Paxx

    Paxx 22-06-2016

    Looking forward to trying this one!

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