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tæt på Campeche, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Walking - A beach walk can turn out to be a long one in Florianopolis with a chance to experience tall sand dunes. From our hotel in Campeche we explored in search of a bus connection to Lagoa da Conceição which is included in this track between the bus stop and bus terminal waypoints. Total walking distance was 12 Km. We first reached Joaquina Beach where it's possible to rent a sandboard and try the dune slopes, then reached the starting point by walking on dunes and the long beach all the way to Campeche. It was sad to see no less than 20 dead penguins on the shore. These were stranded by strong currents to take them all the way far north from their habitat and towards death by starvation. Probably an unexpected meal for red-headed Turkey Vultures (Cathartes Aura).

The public transportation system works fine but it's not always easy to understand it, so better be aware of destination names in advance. Even so, asking locals and bus drivers are the best options. Bus stops can easily go unnoticed for posted signs can be small and/or unconventional. In this country, a bus also stops upon request where need be.

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Bus stop


Bus terminal


Joaquina Beach


Sandboarding area


São Sebastião da Praia Hotel


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