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tæt på Petersfield, England (United Kingdom)

This short stroll explores the ancient city of Cambridge U.K. I started Gwydir Street at 52.20123°N & 00.13869°E. At the corner of Mill Road and Gwydir Street located at 52.19968°N & 00.13825°E I started heading 200° along Mill Road. St Barnabas Church is located at 52.19953°N & 00.13814°E. It’s worth going into the Livingstone’s coffee shop and having a look around inside of the church. I continued along Mill Road and onto Parker’s Piece located at 52.20200°N & 00.13048°E. This is a very large green open space that’s enjoyed by locals as well as people visiting the city. I went along Regent Street and then onto Downing Street. Here I visited the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences located with the Downing Site of the University of Cambridge at 52.20268°N & 00.12171°E. This museum hosts a very impressive collection of very ancient fossils as well as casts and admission is free but a donation is always welcomed. When I left there I visited St. Botolph’s Church along Trumpington Street at 52.20237°N & 00.11767°E and then Great St Mary’s Church at the corner of Trinity Street & St. Mary’s Street at 52.20540°N & 00.11792°E. Both sites are a must see when in Cambridge. Great St. Mary’s recently hosted the funeral of Stephen Hawking on March 31st, 2018. From there I just walked about the river Cam and the perimeter of a couple of the colleges before making my way back to the start point.
Happy Trails.
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St. Barnabas Church.

This waypoint sits at St. Barnabas Church on Mill Road.

Parker's Piece.

This waypoint sits at Parker's Piece...


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St Andrews Baptist Church

This waypoint sits at St Andrews Baptist Church..

Downing Street.

This waypoint sits along Downing Street

Downing Site.

This waypoint is at the Downing Site of the University of Cambridge.
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St. Botolph's Church

This waypoint sits at the front of St. Botolph's Church...
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Great St Mary's Church.

This waypoint sits at Great St Mary's Church...

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  • Foto af Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 14-04-2018

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    Very scenic... Lots to see and do along this route...

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