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tæt på Parkes, Australian Capital Territory (Australia)

Canberra is the only highly planned city in Australia. The design originates from the early 1900’s, and is based on Theosophical principles. The original design contained significant symbolism and the nature and extent of this symbolism is still debated today. While many aspects of the original design still remain today, the design has been altered over the years as the city developed – however, most of the city is still very highly planned and maintains much of the original concepts. It is important to watch for the sight lines as various buildings line up to form an axis – some of which cross the lake and involve buildings on the other side of the lake.

To get out and about in Canberra, in my opinion, the best choices are either to bicycle along the numerous and extensive network of bicycle paths, or to walk through and around the more visually interesting areas of the city. In many ways Canberra is a cyclist’s mecca with real bicycle paths (not just lines painted on roads) and relatively flat terrain, so you will meet many cyclists even if you walk.

This walk takes in the Parliamentary Triangle, visits the Old Bus Depot Markets, and returns via the shore of the lake. The return path takes you past the High Court, National Gallery, National Library, and many other interesting and significant buildings.

The old Hotel Canberra, now the Park Hyatt, has extensive parking areas and is an ideal place to park if you are driving. It is even worth wandering through the hotel, which is an experience in itself.

First set out to cross the Parliamentary Triangle. This gives you views of the current Parliament House, and goes past the Old Parliament House (don’t miss the gardens here if you have time).

You will also pass two slightly larger than life bronze sculptures of Chifley and Curtin, who are also out for a stroll no matter the weather! Apparently they stayed at the Hotel Kurrajong when in Canberra and walked this route frequently. You will pass the Hotel Kurrajong (which was being renovated as we passed) on the walk.

Eventually you arrive at the Old Bus Depot Markets – here there is some very interesting arts and crafts and also some of the usual stuff.

The return path goes down to the water in what is a newly developed area of high rise living, with numerous restaurants on the water. Then follow the path on the edge of the lake to reach the National Gallery, High Court, etc.

You can either continue around the lake, and eventually return to the hotel via the Japanese Gardens, or like us if time is running out, you can leave the water’s edge at some point and return to the hotel.

Curtin and Chifley

Curtin and Chifley walking to work. Somewhat larger than life. The bronzes capture the walking amazingly well.


The Old Parliament House gardens and the National Rose Garden can be worth a visit. It depends a bit on the time of the year...


The Old Bus Depot Markets


Canberra roads are typically excellent. As you cross the road look up to Parliament House.

Senate Gardens

Formal parks and gardens abound in Canberra.

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