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tæt på Yarralumla, ACT (Australia)

I have to admit that this is a strange walk. I was looking at a map of the Arboretum and I noticed that it had the Bicentenial National Trail (aka BNT) marked on the map. The BNT is a long distance treking route, and designed for endurance horse riding etc. What surprised me was that I didn't think that I had actually ever seen this trail. So we decided to go out and work out what was going on!

It turns out that the trail does in fact go through the Arboretum from top to bottom, and there are markers for the trail, however, it looks completely unused. Apart from the markers there is no evidence that anyone even walks along it! Also, I would have said it was not the best route for horse riding. There are however appropriate facilities so that horses can cross fence lines but not stock - so in certainly looks like it is intended to be suitable for horses.

Also, whereas the other trails in the Arboretum tend to run along contours the BNT is almost straight and just goes up and down the hills.

So, this does make an interesting exercise to locate the trail and then follow it from marker to marker - once you locate the first marker and work out what is going on it is quite easy. As mentioned the path goes down and up and has the odd kink - but no sign that anyone uses it!

Take the time to look at the Cork Oak forest as well (see separate Wikiloc entry).

The Callery Pears were in blossom when we were there.

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Callery Pear

This is the Callery Pear section of the Arboretum.






A few seats through the forest.


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