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tæt på Morella, Valencia (España)

A walk around a walled hilltop fort city, listed among the 10 most notable historical small towns in Spain. Visited on January 14, 2018. Windy and cold at this time of year.

There has been a fortification at this strategic location since ancient times; the first big fort was Moorish, with many later add-ons. The surrounding countryside is dry forest and farm hill country, with remnants of old walls bounding the fields.

There is free parking high up on the north side of the hill, and driving up eliminates much climbing through the surrounding town. The saved track includes the route from highway up to the main parking area.

A good restaurant was found near the main entrance gate.
The saved track includes the access road up through the town to this parking area. It saves a lot of climbing up through the town.
It's a fairly level walk from Parking through the Portal de la Nevera into the street of the upper town.
Through narrow, winding, hilly streets, in a residential area of the upper town.
There is an entrance fee to go inside this Church. Surely worth it if not limited for time.
There is a restaurant along this section offering a local specialty Menu de Dia. If reserving for later in the day, may need more time than one thinks to complete the fortress walk and come back down to restauraunt.
There was snow on the distant hills (on January 19, 2018). Elevations is quite high, windy and cold on the day.
Along the lower ramparts of the Fort. Almond trees grow just outside the walls, and there are views down over the church and bull ring.
The many periods of development are evident as one climbs higher, including a relatively recent artillery piece. Rock falls from the high cliffs have covered some of the old buildings here.


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