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tæt på Frigiliana, Andalucía (España)

Busing from Nerja bus station to Frigiliana cost 1€. On alighting from the bus,it’s a pathed walk uphill for approx 1/2mile then following the route on lose roadways and paths. The views are stunning and after the first 3miles you find yourself back in the village of Frigiliana where you can select a variety of cafes to have a short break.
Finishing your break follow the route as it twists and turns downhill south towards the sea, using paths and roadway,at one point your route takes you along “Millionaire Row”. Some of the houses are spectacular, well I think so.
Continuing downwards through small holding and farmland you eventually arrive at a roundabout and once again it’s your choice whether its home time or pub time, I know what I would be choosing.


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